Hello VOSHers!!
It’s time again for a brief review of VOSH-Illinois news. I’m so happy to report that many things are starting to get up and running again, particularly with regard to international travel and volunteer clinics.
On that note, I’m so pleased to report that Dr. Tracy Matchinski will be leading our chapter on two trips in 2023. The first will be to Lima, Peru in August and the second will be to Oaxaca, Mexico in November. Please reach out with any questions or interest in joining up.
We have also been more actively corresponding with other state chapters leading trips in the coming year, most notably VOSH-Michigan, which is traveling to both Mexico and Honduras in March. I sent out the contact information for these trips earlier, but please reach out if you are interested in learning more.
Our very own Dr. Michael Ciszek continues to make us proud with his ongoing leadership as President of VOSH/International. This prolongs a trend of VOSH-Illinois members going on to serve at the international level. Thank you for all you do, Dr. Ciszek!
On the local level, Dennis Evashenk has stepped into his new role as our chapter treasurer, replacing Dieter Ruehrmund who served in that capacity for many years. We thank them both for their service! Dr. Christina DalPorto is also joining our board of directors in her first term and we welcome her to the team.
Moving on, options to pay your 2023 VOSH-IL membership dues can be found below. The annual membership is $40/individual and $60/family. These dues allow our chapter to continue to function and we greatly appreciate any additional amount you can give.
Option 1: Zelle/QuickPay – Pay using info@vosh-illinois.org
Option 2: Website – Go to www.vosh-illinois.orgClick on the “Donate” button on the upper right side and enter the annual dues amount. There, you will also find the membership form to print if you’d like to pay your dues through the US mail. 
As usual, dues for any students and first year graduates will be waived. In addition, if you are currently experiencing financial hardship, please contact me as we can always work something out.
Thank you all for your continued commitment to our chapter and this organization. The support you provide means a tremendous amount and I appreciate you for all you do.
Andrew Kohn, O.D.
President, VOSH-Illinois

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