About Our Chapter

The Illinois Chapter of VOSH was founded by Drs. Gary Blackman and Sol Rocke in 1976. Since its inception, VOSH Illinois has provided eye care and vision correction to underserved populations in Illinois around the world.  We have completed missions to over 40 countries, providing care to over 150,000 people.   VOSH Illinois provides eye examinations and glasses free of charge.  Your donations can help our organization continue to provide these services on both a local and international level.

What We Do

Vision means health, income and
education – especially for women and kids.

VOSH/International and VOSH Chapters are volunteers. That means that those who come on a clinic trip take time away from their jobs and families, pay their own expenses, including airfare and lodging, as well as other expenses. It is what makes VOSH VOSH! We are proud of that.

Our volunteers are licensed optometrists, opticians, health care providers and lay people. There are clinic trips both domestically as well as internationally, in over 30 countries, serving hundreds of thousands of patients.

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