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Nonprofit dedicated to providing free eye care to those in need  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How can I help VOSH-Illinois?

A: Many ways: Become an active member of VOSH-Illinois by contributing your time and skills.  Contribute your old eyeglasses to VOSH so that the gift of sight can be given to individuals in need.  Organize eyeglass collection drives in your community.  Donate your time by helping to sort, clean and catalog eyeglasses to be used on VOSH missions.  Participate in VOSH Missions, domestically and internationally.  Make a tax deductible donation to VOSH Illinois.

Q:  Are people charged money for the examinations and glasses provided by VOSH?

A:   VOSH provides eye examinations and glasses completely free of charge.

Q:  How does VOSH get their glasses?

A:  VOSH is green, we recycle glasses!  VOSH volunteers work hard in collecting, cleaning, labeling and organizing glasses in preparation for international mission trips.  Glasses can be collected from many sources such as: friends, family, churches, social groups, businesses, service organizations and community groups.  For domestic trips only new glasses are used.

Q:  If I am not an eye care professional how can I help?

A: During the mission, there are many jobs in addition to the eye exam that volunteers are needed to help.  Jobs include helping with parts of the eye exam, such as taking visual acuity and interviewing patient to determine their visual needs.  Volunteers also help manage patient flow, pick glasses, fit and dispense the glasses and record statistics.  Our volunteers are very important, they are our 'Visionaries'. 

Q:  Do I have to pay my own way?

A:   VOSH is an independent humanitarian organization that raises its own funds.  All volunteers pay their own travel expenses.  Lodging is dependent on the area.  Typically 2 to 3 star accommodations are used.  In more rural areas, accommodations may be home stays or similar.  Much of the travel expenses can be tax deductable.  This can be discussed with your tax preparer.